Impact of Consumer Service Performance Mechanism on Consumer Buying Behaviour: A Case of Automobile Industry in Pakistan

  • Muhammad Yawar Alam Ansari Karachi University Business School, University of Karachi
  • Dr. Muhammad Asim Karachi University Business School, University of Karachi
Keywords: Automobile Industry, Consumer-Buying Behaviour, Service Preferences, Karachi


The automotive business today is the most profitable. The critical factors in the high-volume vehicle segments are the rise in disposable income in rural and urban markets and the availability of fast financing. The following research discusses the factors affecting consumer-purchasing behavior in the Karachi Pakistan automotive industry. Close-ended questionnaires having 5 points Likert scale were used to gather data from the targeted population using convenient sampling. A multiple backward regression test was run using SPSS to test the hypothesized statements. The findings of the study suggest that the Delivery, Installation, and Warranty have a strong effect on customers' buying behavior. The study also gives guidelines and opens the door for further studies. The study recommends that similar variables that affect customer loyalty for post-sales services in other related sectors should be recognized in the potential study, such as automobile, construction, and other industries and services.