Maintenance of Wives in Islam under Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961, case studies from Mardan District

  • Sidra
Keywords: Women in Islam, Muslim Family Law, Ordinance 1961, Maintenance of Wives


Spouses have several obligations to one another. In a marriage husband have rights over his wife and the wife have rights over her husband. Among them, maintenance is one of the most important ones. Numerous laws are there to protect the law of maintenance for wives. Islam along with the family law has given several advantages to a Muslim woman. Moreover, Islam provides an explanation for the rights of partners in an Islamic marriage. If the terms of marriage at the time of Nikah are not fulfilled, then the wife has the authority to seek help. Islam gives women the right to get a divorce with the help of the law of maintenance, if she is not treated or if their needs and rights are not fulfilled by their husband. It is the foremost duty of husbands to look after their wives. They are accountable for giving them mental and physical support as well as financial support. Therefore, it is evident how much importance women have in Islam and how important maintenance is for Muslim women.