Dyal Singh Majithia & his Legacy of Crown Rule in Indian Sub-continent: Case of Dyal Singh Mansion

  • Asia Jabeen Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore Pakistan
  • Mazhar Munir Chief Executive, Designz, Lahore
Keywords: Dyal Singh Mansion, Legacy of Crown Rule, Indo-Saracenic Architecture, Illegal Encroachments


The research is an endeavour to pay tribute to a legend “Dyal Singh Majithia” and an effort to safeguard his legacy of the crown rule in sub-continent. Dyal Singh was entitled as a proud son of Punjab due to his contributions to introduce modern education. He bequeathed assets of worth around 30 lack Indian rupees in charity to establish various institutes through a trust. Under the umbrella of this trust, Dyal Singh College, library, a hall and a mansion was constructed in Lahore. Selected case study, Dyal Singh Mansion is a master piece of colonial era and remarkable example of Indo-Saracenic architecture in the historic urban fabric of the Mall Road, Lahore during 20th century. Apart from façade, rest of the faces is in a crumbling state and illegally encroached by residents and vehicular repair workshops. Data has been collected by using desk-based studies, from relevant departments. Visual surveys have been conducted to identify causes of decay. In the conclusion, we have to formulate a policy to conserve this heritage being part of Mall road and legacy of British period Sikh heritage during colonial period.