Impact of Learning Environment on Academic Performance of Students at Secondary Level

  • Erum Khan Assistant Professor, BZU, Multan
Keywords: Learning Environment, School Facilities, Academics Performance, Students’ Perceptions


The main objective of this research study was to find out the effect of the learning environment on the academic performance of students at the Higher Secondary Level in the district Dera Ghazi Khan. The population of this study is the students studying in higher secondary schools, private colleges, and Government colleges of the 12th class. The sample size of this research study was1070. A search tool was adopted. The data was collected by the researcher through visiting the Institutions physically. The collected data were tabulated, organized, and was entered in the SPSS. The research study was analyzed through descriptive analysis and inferential statistics. The findings of this study show that there was a significant difference in the perception of male and female students about the effect of the learning environment.  Private colleges provide a more learning environment to the students as compared to public institutions. Based on the findings of this study it was recommended that schools should provide basic facilities like library furniture electricity and better seating arrangements.  Students should be given opportunities to develop their confidence through debates.