Impact of the Teacher’s Technological Pedagogical Skills at Higher Level

  • Rubina Usman University of Karachi
Keywords: Teacher’s Technological Knowledge, Pedagogical knowledge, Content Knowledge, Student’s Creativity skills, B.Ed. (Hon) Students


Technology has developed a complicated and necessary interaction with various sectors of society in the twenty-first century, offering multiple conceptual and practical models for incorporating technologies in teaching. (TPCK) provides chances for learners to develop critical thinking and creative potential as part of their personal growth. This research study explores teachers' perceptions regarding the Impact of the Teacher's Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) on Student's Creativity skills at higher levels. 100 teachers of B. Ed (Hons) have been selected from 10 Universities in Karachi through simple random sampling. Reliability & Regression test has been run on SPSS for inferential statistics. Descriptive analysis revealed the age and gender details. This quantitative study revealed the significant relationship between teacher's Technological Pedagogical Content knowledge (TPCK) on Students' Creativity skills. It was found that technology-integrated teaching pedagogy develops students' interest, motivation, collaboration, critical thinking, social responsibility, and creativity. This study assists higher education teachers in comprehending the significance of Teacher Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) on Student Creativity skills.