Students’ Perspective on Digital Education Interventions During COVID-19 Pandemic and Academic Performance of University Students in Punjab

  • Imtiaz Alam PhD Scholar, Faculty of Education, Preston University, Islamabad Campus
  • Dr. Hamid Khan Niazi Professor, Faculty of Education, Preston University, Islamabad Campus
  • Dr. Muhammad Khalid Mahmood Secretary, National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education, NACTE, Pakistan
Keywords: Digital Education, Students Perspective, Students Satisfaction, Master Level Students, Higher Education


This study aimed to comprehensively assess university students' perspectives on digital education during the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on academic performance. It focused on gauging satisfaction with digital learning, identifying challenges faced, and providing insights for future educational strategies. Sampling 1,309 students from Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts departments across six public sector universities, the study revealed that female students exhibited greater awareness of online learning. While gender didn't affect computer skills or gadget availability, more females had reliable internet access (51%) compared to males (43%). Challenges included connectivity issues, time management, and power outages. Students expressed moderate satisfaction with study environments and support, signaling a need for improved online education solutions. Regional variations underscored the necessity for tailored strategies to address disparities in perceptions and experiences across different areas.