India’s Strategic Tilt: Global Alliances for National Gain

  • Waniyyah Hassan MPhil Strategic Studies, National Defence University, Islamabad.
  • Dr. Bilal Zubair Research Supervisor, National Defence University, Islamabad.
Keywords: India, Relations, strategic tilt, global alliances.


The research aims to explore India’s strategic tilt towards the great powers. How it creates an effect on its national gains. Study of this research aims to dive into India’s strategies by examining its geo-strategic location which is crucial for the global powers. By analyzing them this paper examines the motives, designs, and tactics of India to become a superpower and also the factors that are contributing to capturing the global powers' attention. This research questions what factors pitch in India's balancing act, specifically in dealing with the relations with the USA, China, and Russia. And in what ways does India’s cultural diplomacy aid in shaping the global perception of the country? The research implies a qualitative method for data collection. Narrative techniques were used for data analysis. The findings of this research will conduce to the understanding of how India strategically plays in the international arena with the great powers and what are their assumptions on it. It is recommended that India play a positive role in the peaceful existence of neighboring nations and resolve all issues with other countries peacefully.