Nuclear Deterrence in the Cyber Age: Intricacies and Prospects

  • Ayesha Abrar National Defence University, Pakistan
Keywords: Nuclear Deterrence, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Security, Digital Age, Arms Control.


Nuclear deterrence is confronting unprecedented challenges in the contemporary era, particularly with the emergence of cyber warfare. As the world becomes increasingly dependent on digital technologies, the intersection of cyber and nuclear domains will have significant implications for global security. Nonetheless, prominent theorists, policymakers, and military strategists are attempting to reconsider its application in a post-Internet and cyber-ready world. There exists a C4ISR vulnerability to attacks on adversary command and control systems. Nuclear deterrence and cyber warfare are separate, but interrelated, challenges. Nonetheless, the cyber-nuclear link holds significant importance in modern crisis management. This paper investigates the complexities and challenges of nuclear deterrence in the cyber age, examining the evolution of cyber threats and the vulnerabilities of nuclear systems. Furthermore, it discusses the necessity for adaptable strategies to address these emerging risks. This research aims to provide a more profound comprehension of the challenges and opportunities arising from the convergence of the cyber and nuclear domains by conducting a comprehensive literature review and employing an extended nuclear deterrence theoretical framework.