Impact of Affective use of ICT in Teaching Mathematics at Secondary Level

  • Muhammad Amjad Javaid PhD Scholar, Department of Education, University of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Dr. Muhammad Hameed Nawaz Associate professor, Department of Education, University of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Keywords: Information Communications Technology (ICT) & Mathematics Teaching (MT)


The government of Punjab Pakistan is taking steps to keep up the quality of education particularly at school level. There are three steps in school education in Punjab. First is Primary second is elementary and third is high school education of secondary level education. Initially government has taken steps for provision of information communication technology to its secondary level education. Almost all high schools of the government of Punjab have now been ornamented with IT labs. Most of which have smart board facility and Tabs for transmission of information. The government is working on regular basis on the task to provide numerous schemes of information communication technologies to schools particularly at secondary level. However proper teaching of every subject specially mathematics through information communication technologies is still lacking in the country especially in Punjab. Through this paper we have indicated some aspects through which we are able to decrease rote habits through Information Communication Technology. The IT Labs in the schools of Punjab is not being used by the teachers of the other subjects. So, there is very least use of IT Labs in teaching process of the other subjects in the secondary school. This paper presents the need of using ICT in other subjects especially in mathematics to build up the confidence in the teachers using ICT in teaching of mathematics. Some sort of lacking of time to the teachers in the classroom is also a base of poor teaching. Giving access to IT labs and their use to the non-IT teachers as well can be helpful in achieving the quality education at High school level. The conclusion of this paper drawn from collected data and after statistical analysis of it, suggestions have been indicated to keep up the concept building approach of mathematics students through ICT in Punjab through district Gujranwala.