Critical Analysis of the Poem 'Good Timber' by Douglas Malloch

  • Sawaira Idrees BS (English), Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan
  • Syeda Laila Saeed Government Post Graduate College for Women Mardan
Keywords: Hard work, motivation, self-sacrifice, Good Timber, English lyrics


Motivation, self-sacrifice, hard work for a good life, and forbearance against difficulties are mirrored in Malloch's poem ‘Good Timber. Certainly, Inspiration, sacrifice, industriousness for a decent life, and tolerance of teething troubles are echoed in Malloch's poem ‘Good Timber’. It is the faith that decent results are followed by hard struggles. It is grounded on confidence, hopefulness, and the trust that hard work is never wasted. The study aimed to critically analyze the poem in terms of Motivation, self-sacrifice, hard work for a good life, and forbearance of difficulties. This study asks what the main message of Good Timber is for learners. The process is ordinary. The sample is Malloch's poem Good Timber. A critical discourse analysis was selected as an analysis tool. It turns out that the poem Good Timber is a declaration of the powers of hard work to things of frustration and sluggishness, almost vulnerable to negative forces-discouragement, self-defeatism, and social effects. It is also mentioned that one should not show despondency entirely. He must have persistent conviction in the power of hard work - that God grants those for which you make hard work and hard worker is the friend of God.