The Best Strategies for Meaningful Change in Life-A Gift for 2024-25: A Phenomenological Study

  • Syeda Laila Saeed Government Post Graduate College for Women Mardan
  • Sawaira Idrees BS (English), Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan
Keywords: Education; Change; Meaningful Change in Life; Strategies for Meaningful Change


An individual can become a polished gem with a good rub in this era of social isolation. Change is the only permanent thing that rules the world. All manifestations of nature go through change. The man also experienced this change from the Stone Age to the Modern Age. This paper concentrates on investigating the best strategies for meaningful change in life. These research questions were discussed; what is change in different manifestations of nature? What is a meaningful change in life? What are the best strategies for meaningful change in life? To collect data from the participants, the researcher used the qualitative design. Moustakas’ (1994) method of phenomenological data analysis which is an improved form of Van Kaam’s (1966) and Colaizzi’s (1978) methods were used for analysis of the collected data. Moustakas analytical method comprises epokhe, horizonalization, phenomenological reduction, imaginative variations, and synthesis (Katsirikou & Lin, 2017). Findings showed that the best strategies for meaningful change in life are perfect planning, setting goals, efficient use of time, an amalgamation of cognitive, physical, and spiritual powers, working toward better working relationships and environment, and making progress by keeping the product in mind. It is recommended that the best strategies be investigated to bring better change in life in 2023 and onward.